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  • Will I need supplies?
    Most importantly, performers must bring the materials they are given, to rehearsal EVERY single day. This includes their script/score, pencil, highlighter, binder.
  • What if my performer is absent?
    If your performer does not attend their scheduled rehearsal (that was not listed in their conflicts at the time of auditions), this will greatly affect their fellow cast members as well as themselves. It could result in not being put in a specific part of the show. Our rehearsal time is very precious and we must make the most of it.
  • When are breaks?
    Scheduled breaks will be between 5 and 10 minutes long. We strive to run rehearsals in a professional equity (union) manner. That means performers receive a 5 minute break every hour and/or a 10 minute break every hour and a half. There may be times a performer has a longer break due to that days rehearsal schedule. During those times, performers should take their adequate break, and then use the remaining time wisely to review any material they need to.
  • How will my performer know what they will be rehearsing and when?
    Performers will receive weekly rehearsal schedules.
  • When does my performer need to be off book? (Fully memorized).
    Performers must be off book by: Ghostlight Revue! by Thursday, September 28th Peter Pan by Tuesday, November 14th
  • Do I get a show shirt?
    GHOSTLIGHT REVUE!!: Show t-shirts are available for purchase at $25/shirt. PETER PAN: Each performer will receive a complimentary show t-shirt. Additional shirts may be purchased at $25/shirt.
  • Does my performer have to have prior experience?
    ALL performers are welcome, whether it is their first time dipping their toe in, or as a seasoned professional. We accommodate all skill levels. We find that a mix of skill levels can produce something absolutely wonderful!
  • VOLUNTEERS! I’d like to be more involved…I’d be happy to help. How can I do that?
    It takes a village to put on a show. We strongly encourage parents to participate and lend a hand wherever they can. We work as an ‘all hands on deck’ type of theater. This means, we need and GREATLY appreciate all volunteer help. Two main areas where we need volunteers is as chaperones at rehearsals, and during the shows backstage. You may volunteer here. You will find a list of where we need volunteers and may specify what you would be interested in.
  • Where can I find the release forms and information packet?
    Our Welcome Information Packet, Release Forms, & Volunteer Form, are all available for download, and can all be located under the 'Forms' tab. Or by clicking here.
  • Do I need to supply costumes? (….no)
    We will provide the performers with costumes for the show. However, we may ask performers to supply their own shoes and basics, such as a pair of black pants or black t-shirt. Performers will be responsible for taking care of their costume(s), and properly hanging them up after each use.
  • Will the music be live or pre-recorded?
    GHOSTLIGHT REVUE!: Pre-recorded music PETER PAN: The plan is to have live music.
  • Will the show be recorded?
    Yes. The show will be recorded. Details to come later.
  • When is call time? When does the house open? What is the show run time?
    The performers call time before the show will be one hour prior. The house will open about 30 minutes before curtain. The show(s) run time is TBD. I would say each show will run between 90min-two hours. Both will have an intermission.
  • When are the shows?
    GHOSTLIGHT REVUE! Friday, October 6th @ 7:30pm (Performer call time: 6:30pm) PETER PAN Friday, December 1st @ 7:30pm (Performer call time: 6:30pm) Saturday, December 2nd @7:30pm (Performer call time: 6:30pm)
  • When can I grab my seat for the show?
    The house will open 30 minutes prior to the show. Seating will be first come, first serve. Reserved seating will be available to those who win the ticket sale competition. More details to come on that.
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