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Logo. Worklight Youth Theater

At Worklight, we nurture an all hands on deck environment. We strive to create theater that is professional, inclusive, creative, and most importantly...FUN!!

Picture of Jennifer Brasuell in a red shirt against a grey blue wall. She is smiling and has shoulder length blonde hair.


Director & Choreographer

Directing and choreographing since the age of 14, Jennifer has worked in musical theatre, film, and television. Touring throughout the United States, France and Japan, she has worked for companies such as Disney, FOX, and Universal Studios. Jennifer has performed along side Jason Alexander, Neil Patrick Harris, Paula Abdul, and Conan O’Brien, all while gaining vast professional knowledge and experience. This, combined with her passion for the arts, has aided her in teaching students of all ages and skill levels for the past 18 years.  In addition to the arts, she is fluent in American Sign Language, and is an interpreter in the theater and film / tv industry. She has a dog for a sidekick, named Dino, who always sticks his tongue out and is ready to lend a paw, when needed. Jennifer has a passion for storytelling and endeavors to create a safe space where children can discover the joys of theater, learn to grow, and develop skills that will aide them, not only in their creative development, but also in their future lives.

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For Peter Pan - Fall 2023

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Owen Nathanael has been captivated by the realms of music and filmmaking since his early years. Since then he has scored personal projects, award-winning films, chart-topping podcasts, and popular advertisements.


Beyond his expertise in scoring, Owen is actively engaged in performing and producing music for various artists and organizations. His skills extend to lecturing and actively participating in philanthropic activities, showcasing his commitment to giving back to the community. Notably, he has been recognized as a recipient of the prestigious Berklee World Tour Scholarship and the esteemed Michael Rendish Award.


Owen Nathanael is a versatile composer who seamlessly blends his deep interest in technology with his artistic pursuits. His enthusiasm for communication and teaching further amplifies his capabilities in the field. With a professional demeanor and a dedicated approach, Owen continues to excel in his craft, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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*On temporary leave.

Steve is a professional pianist, music educator, choral director, and conductor.

He is the sole educator and owner of the Steve Hollis Music Studio offering professional instruction in piano, voice, and vocal coaching. He is an accomplished professional pianist and music director, with local and international experience in a variety of professional music groups and venues, including performances with many top-name musicians and entertainers. Steve has been an elementary music teacher for the past 30 years and has been a music director and co-producer of over 40 Broadway musical productions performed in an after-school program with elementary, middle, and high school students.

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